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Overview and Specifications:

Changing viewing objects distracts attention and causes accidents. This HUD display reflects car information and route condition right before you. You need just look forward. During the driving process, you are free from the double image and reflecting light problems. 360-degree rotating base and 200-degree turnover screen comply with your personal habit. 

● Transparent material for looking forward, avoiding distraction and eyestrain
● PMMA vacuum coated screen, non-glare and no double image
●Rotating base and screen to meet personal driving habits
● Non-slip silicone mat prevents your phone / GPS devices from falling off
● Display for projection of navigation information on App ( support HUD mode )
● Material: ABS, PMMA vacuum coat, silicone, POM steel, plexiglass

● Normally, 45 degree is the best reflection angle
● This item is for reflecting navigation information from cell phones or GPS devices with HUD mode. This item itself is not a HUD navigation device

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