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Overview and Specifications:


High brightness: 15W lamp bead for flashlight, 6 white light for camping lamp, 3 for color light, 3 hours for glare, 5 hours for low light, more convenient for USB charging
Flashlight mode: three-speed light source switching, glare mode-low light mode-flash mode
Camping light mode: gear light source switch + neon change, glare mode – low light mode – colorful neon lights
Waterproof: works well in light rain or snowy days, especially suitable as work light with IPX4 waterproof level, searchlight and emergency light.
Easy to use. The handle can be easily held when using the front handle. There is a hook on the button that you can hang to illuminate a larger area without bothering you
Built-in battery, highlighting time up to 4 hours.
USB charging design, simple and convenient.
PVC shell, light weight, waterproof.
There is a hook that can be easily hung in the tent.
1 18650 battery (including)

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