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Overview and Specifications:

Product model: QH18 multi-function underwater shooting lamp
Light source specifications: 10 5050 white XML2, 4 XPE red R5, 4 XPE blue R5
White light stalls: high, medium, low, long, closed for two seconds.
Red and blue stalls: red, red, blue, double, red, and two seconds.
Product lens: 6mm double coated hard PC glass.
Light cup type: no reflective cup, flat light.
Product material: aviation grade aluminum alloy
White light color temperature: 6000K
Red color temperature: 620nM
Blue light color temperature: 455nM
Beam angle: 120 degrees
Waterproof grade: IPX8
Switch type: lamp holder press switch
Surface treatment: three stage hard anodizing
Lighting intensity: 10 L2 bulbs.
Lighting intensity: 4 blue R5/240 lumens.
Lighting intensity: 4 red R5/240 lumens
Product range: 300-500 meters
Battery Specification: Built in 4 x 18650 10400mAh
Working voltage: 3.7V
Product color: Black
Net weight: 456G
Waterproof depth: 80 meters underwater

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