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Overview and Specifications:

This liner actuator is a relatively fast-extending actuator available. Typical applications include driving electric gates, automatic windows and other home automation assemblies. The actuator may provide a pushing or pulling force of up to 150kg/140kg.
With reliable performance, sensitive action stable running.Good environment adaptability.High quality metal material, high performance motor, built-in stroke switch.Maximum push/pull is up to 150kg/140kg, and five stroke length can be chosen.Commonly used in automotive, medical devices and engineering industry, agricultural machinery, wedding system, industrial electric lifting system, medical electric bed, surgical bed, traction bed, electric sofa, electric lifting lever, electric booth, electric sunroof, electric wheelchair, etc. Specifications:
Material: Metal
Voltage: DC 12V
Maximum push/pull: Approx. 150kg/140kg
Stroke length(Optional): Approx. 50mm / 1.97inch, 100mm / 3.94inch, 150mm / 5.91inch, 250mm / 9.84inch, 300mm / 11.81inch
No-load speed: 6mm/s
Relationship of speed and pull: 5mm/s(kg)-/ 50s(50kg)
Environment temperature: -26°C to +50°C
Standard protection level: IP54
Built-in stroke switch: Yes
Color: Silver
Weight: 723g(50mm), 846g(100mm), 947g(150mm), 1136g(250mm), 1215g(300mm)

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