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Overview and Specifications:

■Input voltage: 10V-55
■Output voltage: linear under load
■Maximum current: 60A
■Continuous current: 40A
■Speed range: 0% – 100%
■Control frequency: 15KHZ
■Speed control mode: Potentiometer (with switch)
■Speed type: Tuning
■ Forward rotation reverse: Support (no lock switch)
■ Digital positioning: 0-100 (% of full speed)
■Support motor: DC brush
■Wiring type: Screw terminal
■Shell size: length 110mm*78mm*38mm
■Product net weight: 249 grams

Note: The digital display only shows 0-100
For motor full speed percentage, non-motor actual speed
The input voltage should be equal to the rated voltage of the motor
Input must be positive and negative

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