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Overview and Specifications:

Product Usage: 
With the popularity of USB3.0, more and more motherboards now have a USB3.0. 19pin socket, the chassis does not have front USB3.0 mouth, that you can use this panel, as long as a 19PIN socket through the panel leads to the front 7 ports USB3.0 interface, installed in the idle optical drive location. USB3.0 increased 4PIN to enhance the power take, can provide enough current for seven high-speed USB interface, to solve the problem of insufficient power supply front of the chassis. 
Hardware requirements: 
1. Make full use of free optical drive bit, the built-in 20pin USB3.0 front 7 USB3.0 
2. Comply with USB3.0 interface specification 
3.USB3.0 interface maximum transfer rate up to 5Gbps backward compatible with USB2.0 / 1.1 
4. The panel can connect 6 external USB devices at the same time 
5. Support USB hot swap 
6 with a large 4PIN power seat to enhance power supply, to solve the problem of insufficient power supply front USB port 
7. Support Window2K / XP / VISTA / Win7 MAC   
Hardware requirements: 
With USB3.0 20Pin interface or a 19PIN adapter card, with a free 5.25-inch optical drive a chassis. 

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