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Overview and Specifications:

1.6 hours of continuous diffusion
2. Provide 4 colors of soft breathing night light
3. The machine automatically switches when it is empty or dropped
4.1 hour, 3 hour, 5 hour diffuser timer option
5. Ultra-quiet design
6. Use this essential oil diffuser (200ml water tank) to help you relax. It can release your favorite aromatherapy essential oil in a fine and cool mist.
Water tank capacity 200ml

Spray duration, continuous fogging for 6 hours, intermittent fogging for 12 hours

Product size 150 mm x 143mm x 150mm

Product light 4 color gradient breathing atmosphere lamp

Timing mode 1/3/5 hours

Rated voltage 100-220V

Rated power 12W

Product accessories Aromatherapy machine, power supply, manual

Ultrasonic frequency 2.4 MHz

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