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The XB-68 RF Detector and Camera Finder allows you to secure your home from audio bugs and hidden cameras both wired and wireless. Features Helps ensure the privacy of your phone conversations Can effectively prevent eavesdropping, videotaping, fraud, protect personal privacy data and information confidential Fit for hotel / restaurant / public toilet / changing room, etc Specifications Laser detection camera from 10cm – 10m (visually identifiable red flashing) Radio detection of camera range 5cm – 10m (the decision to transmit power from the camera) 50mw – 200mw power in the detection range 30 – 50 cm Reconnaissance in the 300mw – 600mw power from 100 – 200 cm Power at 800mw – 1200mw detection range 300 – 1000 cm Package Includes 1 x XB-68 Security Anti- Detector for Surveillance Bug & Phone 2 x USB Cable

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