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Overview and Specifications:


The scope of use of this type of precision electric screwdriver: for individual users: DIY or disassemble or repair mobile phone digital flat glasses camera notebooks and other electronic digital products. For these small and medium size equipment. Not suitable for dismantling large size equipment screws, the design purpose is very clear. (In addition, some of the equipment screws are tightened in the initial state of drunkenness and the screw is in a moment of rushing. It requires a very large torque, you can hold down the electric button and manually operate the screwdriver at the same time).

The original design idea:

the design of a portable compact precision electric screwdriver, you can disassemble the usual mobile digital electronics and other small and medium size equipment screws, because these devices screw itself is small. The smaller the screws, the less force is tolerated. If the speed is too fast and the force is too great, it can easily lead to slipping. Therefore, the traditional plug-in screwdrivers and pistol-type electric screwdrivers are not suitable for the demolition of these small and medium-sized precision equipment, excessive intensity, too fast, it is easy to cause the screw to slide the screw or breakdown circuit board. Disassembly of these small and medium size precision equipment, safety is more important, and this is the speed is 1 minute / 150 speed, personal DIY efficiency is sufficient. And this size is very portable design, very comfortable grip sense, operability is very strong, easy to carry.

18 bites specifications are as follows:

Cross: PH000 (cross 1.5) PH0 (cross 2.0) PH2 (cross 5.0) Word: 1.0mm 2.0mm 3.0mm
Hexagon: T5 T6 T8 Five-star: P2 (five-star 0.8) P5 (five-star 1.2) P6 (five-star 1.5) Hexagon: H2.5 H3.0
Square: SQ0 Triangle: 3.0 Y: Y2.5 U: U3.0
Probably the first batch of dismantling machine range:
Five-star 0.8: Remove the Apple mobile phone 4 4S 5 5C 5S 6 6PLUS 6S 6SPLUS 7 7PLUS 8 8PLUS X Use the bottom five-star screws.
Five-star 1.2: Remove the bottom five-star screws from the Apple AIR PRO notebook.
PH000 is Cross 1.5: Remove all mobile Phillips screws.
PH0 is also a cross 2.0: split the bottom of the notebook and cross the use of toys.
PH2 is also cross 5.0: Phillips desktop computer screws.
Word 1.0 2.0 3.0: Demolition of some electronic digital products with screws.
Hexagon T5 T6: Remove the hex screws on some notebooks.
Hexagon H2.5 H3.0: demolition UAV, model aircraft and more.
U3.0 triangle 3.0 Y2.5 demolition of small appliances and more.

Product parameters:
Manual design, not only can be electric operation, can also be manually operated, electric and manual can operate independently, can also operate simultaneously (electric screwdriver with a self-locking design, as long as manual operation, the internal self-locking will automatically open to avoid damage Motor, you can rest assured that manual operation)
Speed: 1 minute / 150 turn Electric torque peak: 0.12NM Manual torque peak: 3NM

Power supply: 2 No. 7 battery-powered (removable) screwdriver jack: standard 4MM hexagon

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