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Overview and Specifications:

Product channel: stereo

Interface type: 3.5mm
Bluetooth version: Bluetooth 4.2
Features: Support side charging, receiver transfer 3.5mm ordinary headphones, ordinary speakers, car speakers, headphones

The transmitter is inserted through a 3.5mm adapter, such as a TV computer. The audio port of the mobile phone transmits a signal. The Bluetooth headset can be connected to the Bluetooth speaker for use.
Product bare weight: 16g (Bluetooth Transmitter Receiver)
Total weight: 50g (Bluetooth Transmitter Receiver + Adapter Cable + Charging Cable + Manual + Box Packaging)

Battery capacity: 200 mAh
Pairing timeout shutdown: The pairing state lasts for 5 minutes and then shuts down.
Low battery reminder: when the voltage is less than 3.2V, reminder once every 5 seconds, 3.1V shutdown

system status:
Power on and off: long press the power button for 3-5 seconds
Volume plus: long press +
Volume minus: long press – number

Music control:
Play pause: short press the power button
Previous song: – Short press
Next song: + short press

Led light shows:
Boot pairing: red and blue lights alternately flash
Connection status: blue light flashes slowly
Low voltage: red and blue lights flash
Working current:


Status Parameter (4.00V) Parameter (3.40V)
Working rated voltage 4.00V 3.40V
Pairing state current 4.33mA-20.56mA 4.47mA-22.03mA
Standby current (Bluetooth connected) 0.43mA-8.31mA 0.41mA-8.74mA
Play music current 19.04mA-23.21mA . 22.85mA-23.74mA
Call current 23.82mA-24.05mA 25.19mA-25.78mA
Charging current 100.0mA. 100.0mA
Shutdown current 1.4uA 1.1uA

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