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Product Description
Size: 10cm Model Number: 111

1. Cut the favorite pattern and peel off the surface of the transparent paper
2. Stick the patterned side to the skin
3. Soak the tattoo paper with a damp sponge (you can also wipe the water directly without using a sponge)
4.20 – Remove the blank paper from the bottom after 30 seconds (take it straight down)
5. Naturally dry

Removal method: Apply a small amount of alcohol or BB oil to the tattoo. After 10 seconds, wipe it back and forth.
1: Mainly using non-toxic imported ink material, unique water transfer technology, easy to paste, and will not harm the fragile eye skin

2: As long as it is simply attached, the mini electric eye is completed in an instant, don\'t worry about the asymmetry of the two eyes, not to mention the eye makeup will be eclipsed

3: The key is summer, it is really waterproof, sweat-proof and smudge-proof

4, there are basic models for daily life and art for wedding party parties

5, It is best to use it with eye shadow and false eyelashes. The effect is outstanding.

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