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Overview and Specifications:

product description:

The new red light warning sports headlights and fishing
headlights. It is composed of a 5W white light in the middle and a red light on
both sides. The red light function is 100% bright-flash, 100% bright for close
reading without hurting the eyes, flashing for warning flashing. Increased
long-term battery life, smoother and smoother headband.

Product use precautions:

1. The polymer battery has a small quiescent current. If the
battery is not used frequently, please charge it every three months to avoid
reducing the battery life. During use, when the brightness of the LED is dim,
the battery tends to be completely discharged. To protect the battery, it should
be stopped and must be charged in time (it should not be charged when the LED is
not light, so the battery is extremely vulnerable to damage)

2. During the transportation, the battery may enter the
protection circuit. When the light is off, please plug in the usb cable to
activate and use.

LED: xpe 5w

Battery: Built-in polymer 1200mAh

Circuit board: with overshoot and over protection circuit

Product color: black

Function: Inductive switch button: 10W led white light
100%-50%-10%-flash, second button: sensor switch (the switch will display blue
after startup)

Package accessories: usb cable + color box

Single color box weight: 82g

Packing: 200 / box

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