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Overview and Specifications:

Let your Mac or other laptop that has a type-c port connect to the TV, projector, monitor,U disk,mouse, card reader and so on.


1.USB-C interface with USB 3.1 standard

2.USB-C interface supports forward and reverse plug-in

3.Supports PD (Power Dilivery)charging power up to 60W (20V/3A)   

USB 3.0 Interface: 

1.In line with USB3.0 standard 5Gbps transmission.

2.Support read and write data, U disk, card reader, keyboard, mouse, removable hard disk, Digital Cameras, etc.

3.USB3.0 single port output power 4.5W (5V / 0.9A) support for mobile phones and other devices to charge

SD/TF memory card holder

1. Standard SD card slot

HDMI interface:
1. Using a standard HDMI-A interface

2. Support audio and video transmission, video support 4K*2K/30hz

RJ45 interface:

1. It can offer 1000Mbps Gigabit speed

Note: TF / SD card with a single drive letter chip, read only one card at a time.

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