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Overview and Specifications:

4 users full duplex communication
Once pairing is successful,the intercom will automatically enter the real-time communication when powered.

1.Real time full duplex communication for 54 users at most
2.No need hot keys, easy to use
3.Memory pairing, simple and easy.
4.Support FM
5.Latest chipset from Amercia,HI-FI sound
6.High-power headset, which can be used
7.National Level 5 waterproof standard

This Bluetooth device is a versatile device designed for referees, aerial photography, mountaineering and skiing enthusiasts. It can be used for the following purposes:
1) It can be used as a mobile phone device for hands-free Bluetooth headset
When playing football referee competition, outdoor aerial photography, crane, mountaineering, skiing, skateboarding, hiking, teaming, and motorcycle team travel, you can safely use the internal Bluetooth function to answer calls. – When you connect the phone, you don't need to press any buttons. You can ride the bike as usual. After about 5 seconds, the phone will automatically turn on. Of course, it also has the function of rejecting the call.
2) Two-way full-duplex wireless intercom between two, three, and four users (requires several people to pair with several)
The maximum communication distance can reach 1200m under the ideal vacuum condition of a high-definition line of sight. Generally, the effective distance is about 600m in an open and unobstructed environment. Please note that the actual range will ultimately depend on weather conditions, terrain, and presence. Obstacles, that is, large vehicles or invisible buildings, etc.
For a one-way walkie-talkie, because it is half-duplex, only one person can say that one person can listen, and can not achieve the dual functions of speaking and listening at the same time, and our V4C can be as real as a normal phone. Workers talk.
3) MP3/GPS for calls
If your MP3 or GPS doesn't have Bluetooth transmission and you don't have a Bluetooth AV dongle, this Bluetooth device also offers another simple wired way to listen to stereo music/audio information. It is connected directly to the Bluetooth device via a 3.5 mm audio plug. Thereby realizing the function of listening to stereo music
4) If you are too monotonous on the road, it also has an FM function, which can be used more and used alone!

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