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Overview and Specifications:

It is equipped with a robot-specific chip, a dual-core chip with built-in multiple sensing and motion control coprocessors, and a bionic algorithm. It has high-speed attitude detection, high-speed environment sensing, and uses inter-satellite map exploration to complete indoor precise positioning and autonomous navigation. To make cleaning more efficient, faster and smarter.
The position of the charging stand is memorized during the cleaning process, and the low power automatically recharges.
When the cleaning is completed, there is a passing charging stand and then return to the charging stand. If not, return to the starting point.
1. Intelligent planning path, remember family layout, clean every corner,
2. Intelligent APP remote control,
3. Connect the APP, turn it on regularly, automatically clean the home and office, and charge automatically,
4. Use brushless motor to improve cleaning efficiency,
5. 400 ml dust box, effectively filtering dust, mites, and cleaner air,

6. 78mm ultra-thin design, the robot vacuum cleaner works in a small space,

1 Suitable floor: tile, marble, wooden floor, carpet

2 Appearance treatment process: injection + UV paint

3 machine power: 20W

4 Suction: 1200Pa

5 vacuum cleaning structure: single suction

6 fan motor style: DC brushless motor

7 rechargeable battery capacity: 11.1V 2000mAh

8 rechargeable battery temperature detection /

9 power adapter input 110-240V AC

10 Transformer output 15V 600mA

11 charging method direct charge / seat charge

12 Charging station style

13 back charging station style charging stand

14 Charging station reservation cleaning Machine remote control

15 Front gear style: mechanical collision

16 Number of anti-collision detection windows: 11 groups

17 remote control: infrared remote control

18 Remote control launch distance: 7 meters or more

19 virtual wall: X

20 walking mode: planning

21 brush type: X

22 Brush installation method: X

23 Number of rotating brushes: 2 sets of side sweeps

24 Number of anti-drop detection windows: 3 groups

25 mopping the land: with mopping mode

26 Water tank capacity: 200ml

27 big wheel stuck automatic protection √

28 The host lifts the automatic protection √

29 Warning tone – insufficient power √

30 warning tone – big wheel stuck √

31 Warning Tone – Host Lift: √

32 dust box full indicator light: none

33 Cover does not close the indicator light: The dust box is
not installed with an alarm prompt

34 Charging time: 5-6 hours

35 cleaning time: 90-120 minutes

36 running noise value: lt,=60dB

37 dust box capacity: 350ml

38 main unit size: 310*78mm

39 host weight: 2.35kg

40 Packing quantity: 1

41 Rolling function: X

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