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Overview and Specifications:

Product introduction: main function: This product can put computer PC, notebook, DVD player, etc. with VGA signal, through the intelligent chip processing, so that the device is connected to the HD display device with HDMI interface, it is a kind of simulation The high-definition video converter is converted into a high-definition video converter.
Product features: 1. One way VGA analog video + analog audio signal input; standard HDMI digital signal output
2. Support VGA video input format: VGA, XGA, SVGA, SXGA, UGA
3. Support audio format: analog stereo 2.1 ( FL/FR)
4.HDMI output format: up to 1080P/60Hz (output and input format synchronization, frequency synchronization)
5. Support HDCP 1.2 version
6. Easy to install, no driver required, plug and play
7. Low power Consumption, external use USB to Micro power cord power supply
8. High-grade aluminum alloy casing, black appearance, simple and generous
9. Small size, strong mobility, easy to carry out.
Product specifications:
1. Output power: 1W ~ 1.5W
2 Working voltage: DC5V
3. Operating frequency: 50/60Hz
4. HDMI video output format: 1920x1080p
5. HDMI video signal bandwidth: 1.65G
6. Product net weight: about 47g

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