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Overview and Specifications:


USB 3.1 USB-C Female to DC Male Adapter PD 90 Degree Angled Connector for Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon

Build-in the PD Emulator Trigger at Type-C female end.

Input: Type-C Female, 65W or 87W Type-C Charger

Output: Rectangle 11.0*4.5mm/ 3.0*1.1mm/ 2.5*0.7mm/ 4.5*3.0mm/ 5.5*2.1/ 5.5*2.5mm/ 7.4*5.0mm

Laptop male, DC 18v-20v(not support 5v)

Use it with the 65W or 87W Type-C Charger to conveniently charge your Laptop with DC 18v-20v port from a wall outlet.

Please note the Type-C charger power must be over than the output end.

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