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Overview and Specifications:


1. Compared with the ordinary mobile phone holder, the four-corner structure design is more robust and safe. After testing by cycling friends, the phone will not fall on the hillside, on the stairs, and truly reach the off-road level.

2. Stainless steel rod, telescopic design, adjustable angle, wider application range, suitable for most mobile phones 4.7-8 inches.

3. Mechanical locking, strong and tough, TPU thermoplastic high elastic rubber, high wear resistance, impact resistance, shock absorption.

4. Suitable for 21-26mm multi-tube diameter, can be installed in bicycles, electric cars, motorcycles, baby carriages, etc.

5. No dead angle 360 degree rotation is more convenient and practical.

6. Tool-free installation, all torsion parts are supported by bare hands and can be quickly installed and removed without any tools.


Applicable mobile phone: 4.7-8 inch mobile phone

Applicable for handlebar diameter: 21-26 mm

Material: ABS

Protective layer: TPU soft rubber

Fastener: Aluminum shaft + stainless steel 304 screw + copper nut

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