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Overview and Specifications:

Product information:
1. Base type: Festoon
2. Number of SMDs: 6 PCS
3. SMD type: 5630 SMD
Power: 3W
Lumens: 300LM
4. Light color: White 6500K
5. Normal voltage: 12V DC
6. Size: 31/36/39 / 41 mm

1. Maintenance-free, easy installation
2. Shockproof (high impact / anti-vibration) strong impact resistance
3. High quality super bright LED bulb with built-in current limiting resistor,
4. Long life, theoretical data exceeds 100,000 hours.
5.100% new special design, higher lighting brightness
6. Low power consumption, energy conservation and environmental protection. The brightness of LEDs is 1/10 of that of traditional halogen lamps, which can better protect electronic circuits and save oil.
7. Instant lighting, no delay time
9. Ultra-white lighting provides more reliable lighting when driving at night
10. Low heat, better heat dissipation

Uses: Vehicles and boats: dome lights, reading lights, license plate lights, luggage lights, courtesy lights, driving lights, turn signals, corner lights, parking lights, side lights, tail lights and reversing lights, etc. Wherever you want.

Package Included:
1 x LED

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