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Overview and Specifications:

Product Features:
This product is a portable multi-function extension cable, with a notebook with a USB-C interface, a mobile phone, a tablet, etc.
Solve the problem that the original device has no USB interface or few interfaces, and supports PD upstream power supply.
Product application: Widely used in: the latest generation of notebooks, mobile phones, tablets, etc. with USB 3.1 Type C interface
After the extension cable is connected, connect the SD card, TF card, U disk, mobile hard disk, keyboard, mouse, etc. to the device to support PD uplink power supply.
Therefore, the problem that the user equipment has no USB interface or few interfaces is solved.

Features :
1, USB-C latest interface, both positive and negative plug can be used.
2, perfect implementation of PD+ data multi-function application;
3. High-performance digital chip processing;
4, product input: USB-C
5, product output: USB3.0 + USB3.1 (PD) + SD + Micro SD
6, the use of the environment: -20 ° C to 65 ° C, relative humidity of 5% to 95%

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