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Overview and Specifications:


1. Charging case 1500 mAh, can be used as a portable

2. IPX5 waterproof

3. Bluebooth 5.0

4. Automatic switch, automatically connect so many headphones
work separately

6. Standby time: 120 hours

1. The charging case is 1500 mAh, which can be used as a
portable battery to charge the phone.

2. After it is removed from the load housing, it can be
automatically connected and opened.

3. Wireless stereo, separate left and right channels, both
headphones can be used separately

4. Allows you to listen to songs and calls correctly

5. Remember the phone number, the last call, all the Chinese
and English intelligent voice commands, start, connect, when you disconnect the
phone, you will hear a low voice prompt,

6. The battery charge will be displayed on your mobile phone.
You can always see the battery charge, don\'t worry about the battery, it will
make your life easier and worry-free,

7. One or two connections, you can connect to two phones at the
same time

8. The Bluetooth headset connected to the phone will be turned
off, and the open connection of the Bluetooth headset that is automatically
connected to the phone will be kept more convenient,

9. Smart compatibility: compatible with all mobile phones,
tablets, Bluetooth notebooks, playing QQ music, movies, etc., suitable for all
types of mobile phones


– Impedance: Ф 8MM32Ω

– Microphone sensitivity: -42Db

– Wireless frequency: 2.4 GHz

– Working temperature: 10-50 ° C

– Charging voltage: DC5V

– Transmission distance: 10M

– Game time: about 4.5 hours

– Charging time: about 1 hour

– Standby time: 120 hours

– Voltage input: 5V 1A (TYP)

– Input current: 5V 1A (TYP)

– Battery capacity: 1500mAh

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