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Overview and Specifications:

The LED shows the time.

Optional 12 / 24 hour system.

Alarm clock and snooze function.

Temperature function.

Three brightness settings.

Night mode function.

Touch the function buttons (mode, up, down).

The font\’s three-speed brightness is adjustable.

Touch the button, C / F can switch, clock, alarm (hiccup).

Power: USB cable (recommended) / 2x AAA battery (not

Size: 19*7*7cm

Temperature range: -10 – 50 degrees Celsius

Light color: white, red, blue, green


1) Time setting

a. In time mode, press and hold the mode button for 2 seconds
to enter the time setting mode. Setting order: 12/24H- gt,hour- gt,minute

b. During the setting process, the set object will flash

2) Alarm setting

a. In the alarm mode, press and hold the mode button for 2
seconds to enter the alarm setting mode. Setting order: hour – gt, minute

b. During the setup process, the “AL” icon will pop up.

c. In the setting mode, the set object will flash display

3) Night mode function

a. Night mode means that the LED automatically reduces
brightness at night.

b. In the time interface, touch the mode button 4 times to
enter the night mode interface. Press the button switch. ON is to turn on the
night mode function, and OFF is to turn off the night mode function.

c. The default night mode time is 18:00 – 6:00

d. When the night mode function is “ON”, press and hold the
mode button to enter the night mode setting process. Setting order: start time
– gt, start time – gt, stop time – gt, stop time. When the start time is set,
the upper point appears, when the stop time is set, the bottom point

4) Alarm clock and snooze function

a. When the alarm occurs, the buzzer will alarm (4bi
sound/second) for 2 minutes.

When an alarm occurs, pressing the button activates the stop
function. It will postpone the alert within 5 minutes. When an alarm occurs, if
you press the button, the new stop function will be activated and it will alarm
after 5 minutes. If you press the button while alerting, the stop function will

c. When the alarm occurs, touch the mode button to stop the
alarm. It will then issue an alert at the same time the next day.

5) Temperature setting

In temperature mode, touch the button to switch Celsius or
Fahrenheit display

6) Other features:

a. Three brightness level control: The default is high
brightness level, which is adjusted upwards to high/medium/low brightness

7) Time memory

a. If using an AAA battery, you can touch any mode button to
turn the backlight up and down for 5 seconds.

b. The AAA battery is only used for time memory, which means
that if you use the battery, once you turn off the power and then turn on the
clock, the clock will still work.

Other Accessories:

a. 3 × AAA battery (not included)

b. Includes 1 USB cable

c. DC 5V input plug (not included)

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