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Overview and Specifications:

1. Cute printed suede electrostatic toilet seat, fluffy surface, comfortable to touch, washable, repeated use,

2. Electrostatic adhesive on the back, easy to fix, no traces on the toilet when peeling off, can be cut for various toilets

3. Usage: Remove the back protective film, align the paste to the toilet seat, and paste it flat,


1. Wipe the dust, moisture and stains on the toilet seat with a dry cloth before use.

2. Please tear off the protective film on the back of the product and stick it on the toilet seat (should be smooth and flat)

3. When using it repeatedly, do not allow moisture, dust, etc. on the adhesive surface of the product, otherwise the adhesion will be weak.

4. If it is difficult to separate if it is attached to the toilet seat for a long time, it is recommended to open it once a week, and the contact air is re-applied.

5. If the adhesive surface of the product is difficult to peel off, wipe the edge with a cloth that has been invaded by warm water.

Name: Non-woven printing can cut the washable toilet seat

Size: 38*8CM

Material: chemical fiber woven fabric + viscose + protective film

Weight: 37g

Color: multi-color random

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