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Overview and Specifications:

Product material: far infrared composite high fiber heating net + high-grade diving composite fabric
Product color: black / orange
Rated voltage: DC12V
Power: 22W
Maximum temperature: 95 ° C
Product line length: 118CM
Product weight: 110g

1. It adopts high-grade diving composite fabric, which is delicate and soft, waterproof and breathable, and has good thermal conductivity.
2. The heating core adopts environmentally-friendly far-infrared composite high-fiber heating net, anti-pull, corrosion-resistant and high heat conversion rate.
3. Reed protection device, effectively sensing and adjusting temperature, controlling temperature in the highest altitude, safer and safer use
4. Cigar headband switch device, the car can be turned off without removing the cigar head after the car is turned off.
5. Magic placard design, can be adjusted according to the size of the cup, the cup body is tightly wrapped, and the insulation is more durable.
6. Exquisite and simple, convenient and practical, insert the cigar head into the car cigarette lighter, open the switch and use
7. Fast heating, can be used as insulation, and has the function of warm hands and health wristbands in winter.

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