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Overview and Specifications:

Product Name: Small fresh tattoo sticker
Product size: 10*6cm
Product model: yali12


1. Cut the favorite pattern and peel off the surface of the transparent paper
2. Stick the patterned side to the skin
3. Soak the tattoo paper with a damp sponge (you can also wipe the water directly without using a sponge)
4.20 – Remove the blank paper from the bottom after 30 seconds (take it straight down)
5. Naturally dry
1: Environmentally friendly ink, with excellent adhesion, durability, resistance and strong color required by the product, less color point, superior effect, etc.

2: Glue is environmentally friendly and non-toxic. It has passed the international FDA product certification and is more waterproof, oil-proof and wear-resistant than ordinary tattoo glue.

3: The use of imported advanced transfer paper, its quality and performance have outstanding performance

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