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Overview and Specifications:

1: A variety of settings, credit card, password, credit card +
password. Support 1000 user cards and password capacity, data storage security
is not lost

2: 2 kinds of T user management mode adjustment switch,
management is more portable

3: Casting with high quality fireproof PVC material, impact and
wear resistance, high sensitivity of button

Working voltage: DC-12V plus or minus 10%

Working current: less than 100mA

Ambient temperature: 0-60 ° C

Storage capacity: 1000

Card reading distance: 2-10cm

Card reading type: MF1 card or EM card

Support open door mode setting, support to restore factory
settings, support 3-6 digits open password, support 1000 card and password
users, support management user mode to switch between each other, support
setting card to quickly add or delete cards, support full card open automatic
registration , support delay opening the doorbell

2 T user management modes:

1), power off, turn the S1 switch to 1 end, re-energize, the
green light flashes quickly after three long beeps, and the programming password
is restored to the factory value.

2), power off, turn the S2 switch to the 2nd end, and finally
re-energize, the programming password initialization and management card
increase is completed, (programming password 3-6 digits)

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