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Overview and Specifications:

Product Description
Place of Origin: China Size: 19×8.5cm
Model Number: ice roller Type: Other
False Eyelash Craft: Machine Made Material: Other

1, anti-stimulation and redness after shaving with ice rollers.
2, headache can use ice rollers.
3, for sensitive skin, it can calm and alleviate allergic skin more quickly and effectively
4, five minutes to eliminate redness, edema, itching, go to the eye bags, is a facial beauty tool to solve the skin discomfort caused by allergies, so that the skin completely restores health and natural.
5, for the red face phenomenon in the air-conditioned room, the effect is very good.
6, can also be used for children with fever and fever.
Physiological effects and effects of ice rollers
7, contraction of blood vessels, resulting in capillary pores tight, large improvement in capillary pores.
8. Strengthen collagen fibers to make the skin firm and elastic, smoothing wrinkles and crow\'s feet.
9. Hazardous waste that shrinks blood vessels, effectively reduces red ribs and floats at any time, is more likely to be purified and detoxified, and has a significant effect on the desalination and elimination of plaques.
10, reduce the metabolic rate, inhibit the slowing of cell activity, reduce the sensitivity of peripheral nerves, play a calming and soothing role, offset the reduction of skin, swelling, swelling, pain, especially for allergic skin has a good effect.

[Name]: Ice Roller
Beauty skin beauty new products! Your face looks vibrant and young. It also prevents wrinkles from forming and lifting your face.
It also prevents wrinkles from forming and lifting your face. After finishing the microneedle in summer, it is used to replace the ice film to calm the skin.

The ice roller head is placed in the freezer in the freezer. Roll the frozen head to massage your face for 5 minutes every morning. You will be refreshed and energetic.
When you are tired, take a break from the ice roller (frozen). You will feel refreshed.
[Specification]: 19×8.5cm (about 7.5 inches x 4 inches) handle + roller

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