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Overview and Specifications:

The benefits of onions:
1. Onions have the effect of divergent cold:
2. Spicy smell, can stimulate the secretion of stomach, intestines and digestive glands, increase appetite and promote digestion.
3. Onion is the only health care function known to contain prostaglandin A,
Instructions for use: first rotate the round box, cut the onion into half, cut the face down in a transparent groove, hold the cylindrical handle, press down, you can immediately cut the onion, cut it and put it immediately Into the tray filled with water, cover the cut onion with water, and the operation is completed. Very practical!
Avoid the uncomfortable situation of stabbing your eyes and tears.
[name]: onion cut

[Specification]: height 22cm bottom diameter 8.5cm

[net weight]: 260g

[Material]: Plastic PP + stainless iron 410

[color]: plating

[Features]: High-quality stainless steel, unique design, press it, one onion is cut well~

[Use]: Cut onions and other foods.

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