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Overview and Specifications:

Traditional 433 wireless remote control switch, roll gate, etc. can be directly through the remote control button to achieve the use of mobile phone wifi remote control, seconds change smart home!
RF can learn most of the fixed code 433 frequency, dynamic code (rolling code) and encryption can not learn.
Remote control chip models that support learning include, but are not limited to, PT2260, PT2262, PT2264, EV1527, etc.
This one will make your home safer to live in.
Directly through the remote control button to use mobile phone wifi remote control.
Easy to manage, can add 4pcs of 433Mhz remote control.
Remote control far away.
Set many remote control on one, more convenient. This RF Bridge add up to 4 433Mhz remote control, you can control 16 switches, at least 4 devices. For Example: if your smart window curtain have 4 switches(on, off, pause, lock), so you can only control 4 samrt window curtains.

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