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Overview and Specifications:

1. This product is an outdoor surveillance camera that does not
need to be connected to electricity, has no wiring, is easy to install, and is
ready to use. Second, the core selling points:

1, no need to receive electricity: solar power and built-in
lithium battery power,

2, no wiring: no wall piercing, no damage to the

3, no network: no network can also monitor, 4, 4. remote
viewing: there is a WIFI network can be remotely viewed,

5, human body induction: sensing people, instant camera,

6, privacy protection: local storage, will not leak,

7. Inductive street light: When the person is sensed at night,
the light will be automatically activated,

8, simple installation: self-installation, do not have to ask
professional construction personnel,

Third, the application scenario: home entrance, yard door, fish
pond, orchard, farm, mine, construction site and all places that are not
convenient for wiring.

Color: white

Induction principle: HMD (Human Motion Detection Human Motion

WIFI module: Hi1131

WIFI protocol: WIFI 2.4GHz, IEEE 802.11 b/g/n

Sensor: IMX323 2 million 1/2.9″ CMOS sensor

Effective pixels: 1.3 million

Resolution: 1280*960

Focal length: 4mm (optional 2.8mm/6mm/8mm/12mm optional)

Shooting distance: 0-15 meters or so

Shooting angle: around 70o

Response time: 1 second

Battery capacity: 4000mAh (2000mAh*2)

Solar panel power: 2.2W

Maximum charging current: 400mA

Night shooting: white light (fill light) and infrared manual
switching (factory default white light mode)

White light power: 2W LED 1W*2 (factory default white light
mode, can be manually switched to infrared mode)

Infrared power: 2W 1W*2 (factory default white light mode, can
be manually switched to white light mode after manually switching to infrared

Storage capacity: 16G card can store about 75 days (can store
about 15000 videos, press for 15 seconds per start, start 200 calculations per
day), after the full, cover from the earliest shooting day

Sensing range: 0-10 meters

Induction angle: 120o

Operating temperature: -10 ° C to 60 ° C

Working humidity: 0%-90%RH

Power: Photoelectric dual-purpose, solar + built-in lithium
battery power supply (optional with external solar panel or power adapter)

Standby power consumption: 0.0025

Shooting power consumption: ≤1.5W during the day and ≤3.5W at

Waterproof rating: IP67 (soakable)

Accessories: Host *1, bracket *1, screw package *1, card reader
*1 (Android device + computer) *1, warning sticker, manual *1, certificate

Optional accessories: external solar panel, power adapter

Product size: 210mm*95mm*100mm

product weight:

Packing size: 255*205*125mm

Package Weight: 1.3KG

Outer box size: 63*53.5*43CM

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