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Overview and Specifications:

Soft HDMI 4K*2K @60HZ Cable, 0.6m HDMI A-A Male to Male Down Angled Cable

New, standard HDMI to HDMI interface shielding software, suitable for Panasonic GH4 and other micro-HDMI interface HD devices. The signal has strong anti-interference ability and the camera power supply is more stable.

Increase the power supply stability of the camera to the HDMI converter board. The compact HDMI soft cable weighs only 5g!

Convenient for use in brushless heads, steering heads, small clouds, SLR handheld heads, ground monitoring and more.

Note that the HDMI flexible cable cannot directly transfer the AV signal, so you need to buy another adapter box.

Micro plug for GH4 GoPro BMPCC A5000 A6000 A7R A7S Mini plug for 5D3 5D2 GH3 GH2 5N 5T 5R 7N HDMI plug for RED BMCC FS7 C300

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