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Overview and Specifications:

Material: stainless steel /ABS, working voltage: a 6F22 square D9V battery, working current 0.1, alarm volume: 120 db.File number: L low sensitivity, M, H high sensitivity (vibration alarm) in sensitivity, 0.5 3.5 mm is suitable for the crack of the door, can be used for the female Wolf alarm, encounter risks can be taken advantage of the rang alarm, outside can deter criminals, and remind the people around, burglar alarm is suitable for various occasions: travel, home, travel, house, single apartment, company, etc.

Method of use: open the alarm switch, then alarm before the most low-end into the door, intention when someone opened the door when the door of the resistance will be pressure to the stainless steel clamp, alarm will be sounded, alarm at the same time with the bottom of the antiskid damping will catch on the back of the ground to stop the thief or others into, can be adjusted according to the circumstance pressure induction strength (note: if the ground from the bottom of the back door to open the gap less than 0.5 cm or more than 3.5 cm, and the surface is very smooth materials such as marble, may cause the product can't normal use),

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