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Overview and Specifications:

1: Higher guidte number:GN40 @ISO 100,105mm,to match the mainstream professional hot shoe flashes.
2:Supporting high-speed continuous shooting: with power settings of 1/8 or below the DF-550 can support the 8FPS high-speed continuous shooting.
3:Light adjustment function: Lens overheating protection function.prevent rapid flashing led to high temperature scald.and extend the service life of flash.
4:The improved wireless triggering sensor:with S1 and S2 modes that can also be used outdoors,with a wireless triggering farther distance.
5:Charging socket for Canon/Nikon external power pack:to meet the need for a faster charging recycle.
6:Standard PC synchronous port.
7:Super fast recharging cycle:It only takes as little as 3s to recharge after full power flash.
8:Power saving mode:In the power saving mode, the flash will automatically shutdown sooner.
9:Automatic setting saving: Automatically saves your setting when powered off.
10:Intelligent voice alerts, so that you are more likely to operate.

Circuit design:Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor (IGBT)
Guide No: 40 (ISO 100105mm)
Zoom range: 24-105mm(In the 24mm,use the Wide-angle Diffuser can cover 16mm)
Power supply: 4xAA batteries
Flash Recycles: 110-1500 times
Power saving mode:
M mode (After 3 minutes of inactivity the flash light will enter sleep mode.After 15 minutes will automatically shut down).
S1/S2 mode (After 15 minutes of inactivity the flash light will enter sleep mode,After 60 minutes will automatically shut down)

Recycle time: Approx 3s
Flash exposure control: Manual
Color temperature: 5800K
Flash duration: 1/200s – 1/20000s
Flash power adjustment: 8 levels of output control(1/128-1/1),28 levels of fine tuning
Wireless mode: S1/S2

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