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Overview and Specifications:

1: Sandi new products.

2: Waiting time is shorter, more execution, reading speed up to
540MB / s, writing speed 460MB / s (480GB only).

3: Low temperature, ultra-quiet operation, safe and reliable,
no moving parts, low temperature, ultra-quiet operation, effectively extending
battery life.

4: shockproof, (up to 1500G), anti-vibration (up to 5gRMS,
10-2000HZ / 4.9gRMS, 7-800HZ), cold and heat resistant (0°C-70°C) (1) shockproof
(2) shockproof (3) strong and sturdy.

Size: 100 * 70 * 7 mm, flash type: TLC NAND Flash, support 6Gb
/ s SATA interface rate (backward compatible with 3Gb / s and 6Gb / s), power:
5V + 5%,

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