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Overview and Specifications:

More Games: Built-in 800 classic popular games with 2pcs joysticks
TV Display: support HDMI output port to connect TV or connector, picture quality upgrade, 1280*720P ultra high definition,display more exquisite and realistic, anytime, anywhere, want to play and play
Powerful Performance: Larger memory, more powerful chips, stable performance,making your game experience more fun.
Save the Game: Press "Start" + "Select" during the game, the game will be paused, and the game menu will pop up for you to choose.
Support TF Card: The maximum expansion to 32G, please ensure that the file format is FAT32 (without TF card packaging).
Linux 3.0 OS. 
Support 4K HDMI:Support 1280*720P/60HZ 
Game speed FPS 1:1 output (perfect and fluent) 
HDMI output ports connected to a TV . 
Joysticks ports connected to the Joysticks . 
Press the power button,and the TV will display the menu interface. 
The menu interface, including GBA,SFC,SEGA,NES,GBC,GB,GG,SMS game format . 
In the menu interface ,buttonAto enter the game list, buttonB to return the menu interface. 
In the game list, button A to enter the game . 
During the game list, press "START"+"SELECT", The game will be quit, and return the menu. 
The console need to turn off, press the power button ,will automatically turn off. 
About TF Card :Max expand to 32G,please make sure the file format is FAT32 (Package Without TF Card). 

Please turn off your console before pulling out the TF card, in order to prevent damaging files,data loss or any system error.

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