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Overview and Specifications:

Long range: up to 30 M indoors and up to 100 M outdoors, it is ideal for switching on/off hard-to-reach lights without damaging the walls.
Magnetic base: convenient and safe, remote control, switch base and exchange matching magnetic force, so the switch can be installed not only on the wall, but also from the bottom, and can be used as a portable remote control.
Easy to install, can be used for all lights: only need to connect the receiver power and light, neutral, no hub, compatible with all lights LED, fluorescent, energy saving, incandescent, tungsten, halogen, etc. / voltage 85 – 240 VAC, maximum Load 15 amps.
Convenient for use: Simple, no need to control the lights, even the elderly, children can easily use. When the relay is powered off and the receiver has a memory function, it will remember and the previous settings.
Unique display and non-interference: Unique each ID switch only activates the word relay receiver (S) does not include mutual interference between different rf-switches, you can use a variety of wireless switches, one room and no interference.

Input voltage: AC85V – AC220V
Maximum power: 200W
RF working frequency: 433M
RF working mode: super heterodyne receiving
Receiving sensitivity: -107dbm
Remote control distance: open ground is more than 100 meters.
Number of remotes that can be stored: 32
Support remote control type: learning code (can be customized rolling code).
Multiple working modes: inching, self-locking and interlocking.
Connection mode: fixed connection post

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