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Overview and Specifications:

Item Name: CM703
B and: 2.4G
Channel: 7
Operating Voltage: 3.3V-9.6V
Modulation: DSM2DSMX
Dimension: 47 x 24×14 mm
Weight: 10g (4.8g Naked)
Brown-Out Voltage: 4.0v  (Always supply power above this voltage)
Antenna Length Main RX: 13.5cm (2)
Expected Range: 800m (tested with JR DSX9)
PPM Output: Yes (support RC multicopters)
Compatible Transmitter: JR and Spek trum DSMXDSM2 transmitter
7 channels with PPM Output
3dbi gain antenna,15dbi gain amplifier.
Stronger anti-interference ability and farther control range.
Patent pending Model Match prevents flying a model using the wrong model memory (feature does not work with module systems)
Servo Sync (feature does not work with module systems)
Preset failsafe system
Quick Connect
Compatibility (Spec trum and JR DSM2DSMX): DX6I,DX7,DX8, DSX7,DSX9 DSX11
General Notes:
 This is not a Spek trum DSM2/X product, nor is it a copy of a Spek trum DSM2/X product. The Spek trum and DSM2/X brand is a trade mark of Horizon Hobbies USA.
This is not an underground black market fake Spek trum product.
Only one bind procedure is required on a new receiver.  Repetitive binding provides no extra security.  Always remember to remove the binding harness after successful bind is completed

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