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Overview and Specifications:

ProductTypeForYW    Anti-theft alarm

Pack Size(L*W*H)    11x 8 x 3
Product Name    Door Magnetic Reed Switch
Contact Type    NC
Contact Capacity    0.5A
Voltage    DC 100V
Rated Power    10W
Actuation Distance    30-40mm
Each Size(Approx)    23 x 23mm / 0.9" x 0.9"(H*D)
Cable Length(Each)    33cm/ 13.4"
Color    Brown
Housing Material    ABS
Weight    85g
package Content    5x Door Magnetic Reed Switch
Use with alarm systems. Great for use in family and factory window, door. etc.
NC means Normally Closed: When the magnet together, the circuit is conductive( light on ); when the magnet separate, the circuit is not conductive ( light off ). When make order, pls check carefully!

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