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Overview and Specifications:

Compact, lightweight design.
Bluetooth 4.1 technology, better sound quality.
The use of the genuine wireless technology, enjoy your wireless use of high-capacity lithium battery and low-balance frequency technology
Powerful compatibility is compatible with devices as long as they are Bluetooth compatible.
Three-step matching, easy to use.
1. While maintaining the volume of the plus and minus signs, about two seconds to let go, you can switch between Chinese and English, support notification calls.
2. Use ABS resin material with green paint technology, non-slip, anti-sweat, comfortable to wear not to hurt the ears, built-in high-definition microphone, with low noise, good sensitivity, anti-interference characteristics.
3. Battery display: the other RB-T16 battery will be played
on for iphone. For other mobile phones, a "Du Du" voice message
will be played when the battery is low.
4. Sport helmet: for your sport, gym, running, mountain climbing, riding more dynamic, power and passion, wireless and button box and bring to add your convenience and fashion. for the movement has emerged, let sweat more fierce.

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