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Overview and Specifications:

 Channel:  7Channel output
Modulation: DSM2/DSMX
Band:  2.4GHz
Dimensions (W x Lx H):21.5*15mm
Weight: 0.9g
Voltage Range:3.3V
Antenna Length Main RX:13.5cm(2)
Remote ControlRange:500M(tested with JR DSX9)
Park-zone receiver
ServoSync (feature does not work with module systems)
Preset failsafe system
Compatibility (Spectrum and JR DSM2/DSMX): DX6I,DX7,DX8,DSX7,DSX9DSX11
Binding Procedure
I. Pressthe bindingbuttonandconnectpower to receiver.Transmitter in Bind model. LED quick flash , binding completed LED will off. Reconnect power to receiver LED keep lit, now receiver is ready to fly.
II.To set fail-safe throttle and control surface positions, (minimum throttle and all control surfaces set to neutral is suggested).Press and hold the bind button of transmitter (LED will illuminate), Turn on the transmitter.
III. Receiver LED will change from rapid flashing to slow flashing and a few seconds later when bind is accomplished the LED of receiver will illuminate solid.Failsafeshould be programmed correctly .
IV.Restart the receiver by cycling it power off and turn onand connect battery into BIND channel is recommended. All channels should function properly now.  You may test fail-safe by holdingsticks in corner, cycle transmitter on and off.  Surfaces and throttle should return to your preset fail-safe positions.
Notes:Only onetimebind procedure is required on a new receiver.  Repetitive binding provides no extra security.  Always remember to remove the binding harness after successful bind is completed.


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