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Overview and Specifications:

Product name Automobile universal snow chain material Rubber + TPU + alloy steel nail product, total length 80CM
Application range / ice and snow road, sand, muddy road, climbing, product features, anti-skid, low temperature resistance, 5 thick on each piece Increase the design of ice-breaking steel nails, widened and thickened anti-slip columns, 360° tires without running, use thick steel nails, anti-slip columns, effectively enhance the adhesion on snow roads, improve anti-slip performance, alloy iron paper gears, It can be adjusted according to the size of the tire.
Nylon cloth strips, tight wear-resistant tires, more wear-resistant, easy to install, convenient jacks. : Car snow chains are car safety products designed for the safety of cars. The special rough surface of the anti-skid chain is used to increase the friction with the road surface.
Generally, in the snow and muddy road conditions, the tire is protected from slipping and the vehicle is normally driven.
Especially on the snowy road in winter, it can effectively ensure the smooth running and driving safety of the vehicle. This product is suitable for cars, off-road, SUV models

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