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Overview and Specifications:

Product Name: Car Reflective Sticker Warning Sticker 30CM Red and White Reflective Sticker
Material: reflective material
Features: red and white, red (width: 14.5CM), white (width: 14.5CM), hexagonal honeycomb pattern on the surface, three-dimensional feel, good adhesion, strong waterproof, long service life, very reflective Strong! ! Thereby actively preventing traffic accidents, especially heavy and extra-embedded traffic accidents! !
Instructions for use: 1. Before attaching the car, scrub the position to be affixed. 2, a normal car with 30-50 pieces is enough.
Models used: trucks, trucks, vans, engineering vehicles, transport vehicles, cars, school buses, etc.
Features: Red and white, three-dimensional feel, good adhesion, good waterproof performance, high reflective height.

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