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Overview and Specifications:

Product Description
Size: Medium Model Number: pl602
Material: Other Application: Body

1. Used in the waist, thighs, calves, lower abdomen, back

2. When you watch TV after dinner, you can take it up and use it at any time.

3. Washable and replaceable, massage head, let you choose, enjoy multi-faceted massage.

Send 2 massage heads 1 cloth cover
1. Smooth massage head: recommended neck massage.
2. Ball-shaped massage head: essential oil massage, introduction, deep absorption.
3. Protective cloth cover: Prevent hair from getting caught in the machine and indeed protect the hair.

● Weight: about 1055g
● Input voltage: 220V / 50Hz
● Maximum power consumption: 25W
● Speed: 2200-2500RPM
● Host material: ABS / TPR plastic
● Standard accessories: main unit, smooth massage head, wave type massage head, ball type massage head, protective cloth cover, manual

Steps for usage:

(1) Apply the massage essential oil to the area to be massaged evenly. (You can get hot in the palm of your hand and massage more comfortably)

(2) With massager massage, let the essential oil penetrate the skin and help absorb. (Do not use a protective cloth cover when mixing with essential oils)

"Neck massage, it is recommended to use a smooth massage head

For wave points and other parts, it is recommended to use a wave type massage head.

For the introduction of essential oils, it is recommended to use a ball-shaped massage head.

(3) After the massage, the massage head can be removed, cleaned and kept hygienic.

Note: It is recommended not to massage for more than 15 minutes per fixed site to avoid injury.

Note: When using a ball-shaped massage head, do not install a protective cloth cover, which will cause damage to the cloth cover.

1, turn on the power
2, turn the knob switch, clockwise rotation speed from weak to strong, counterclockwise rotation from strong to weak
3, the initial use speed starts from low, and then gradually increases
4, after use, first turn off the switch and then pull the plug

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