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Overview and Specifications:

1. This is a professional LED camera light for cameras.

2. Mini design, easy to carry. Suitable for mobile phone
shooting or digital SLR camera shooting.

3. Includes a separate power switch and maintains the same
brightness when turned back on.

4. Support lithium battery power input or 4 AA batteries
(without battery), more convenient to use.

5. Support external power input (mini 5-pin port), suitable for
long-term use.

6. Built-in 96 high quality LED beads.

7. Rotary switch can adjust the brightness, no filter, suitable
for various photographic environments.

8. High efficiency and energy saving, low energy

9. Can be fixed on the camera hot shoe socket, professional
light stand or camera tripod.

10.1/4″ screw interface for perfect fit to SLR cameras such as
Canon, Nikon, Sony and other cameras

1, the material is ABS

2, the product color temperature is 5500K

3, the color number is “85%

4, the lamp beads are 96

5, the light angle is 120 °

6, the average life is 60,000 hours

7, dimming mode dimmable

8, the input voltage is 5V

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