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Overview and Specifications:

1, without any complicated combination of installation
procedures, just 30 seconds to fold and paste to complete the installation

2, 30W high brightness light board, adjustable brightness, no
stroboscopic, can be installed and disassembled at random angle, aluminum
substrate, good heat dissipation, long life, safe and harmless

3, the shed material is environmentally friendly, using
high-reflective fabrics, the power supply can be equipped with different
national pins, and send 6-color background board

4, storage is simple and portable, suitable for Taobao,
e-commerce or photography studio product shooting, so you can directly out
professional pictures without drawing

5, multiple power plugs to choose from

1, LED studio

2, light board 2 brother

3, the number of lights is 64

4, the lumen is 2 * 1200 LM

5, the power input is AC110-240v 1A

6, power output 12V 2A

7, the output power is 30W

8, background board black, white, orange, blue, green, red

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