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Overview and Specifications:


This device is designed to record lectures, meetings, concerts, events, notes, ideas, conversations, etc.

The Bluetooth-headset is ergonomically designed to be comfortable and safe, providing convenience, tirelessness of the ears and comfortable wear for a long time.

The latest Bluetooth wireless headset with a lightweight and compact portable design.

Compatible with most Bluetooth devices, such as Android phones and other Bluetooth devices. Supports MP3, WAV recording format.


Audio Recording Format: WAV/MP3/WMA
Balance: no
Package: Yes
External memory: no
Weight: 9 g
External memory: no
With speakers: Yes
External microphone: No
Recording time: 6 hours
Sampling rate: 512 kbps
Operating temperature: 0 to 45 degrees Celsius 0 ° C-45 ° C
Support system: Windows / MAC
Battery capacity: 60 mAh
Time parameter capacity storage time: 8GB 36 hours / 16GB 72 hours

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