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Overview and Specifications:

Product Description
Quantity: 2 Size: 33*25*22
Material: ABS料,铝 Model Number: UV-AA

1. UV sterilizer is a physical processing technology that
combines the principle of ultraviolet UV with the principle of optics.

2, no need to use additional chemical additives, with mixing,
cracking, oxidation, coagulation, sterilization and improve biodegradability and
other functions, and no secondary pollution.

3, is a highly efficient, gentle, clean water treatment

4, the use of high temperature, anti-aging engineering plastics
manufacturing, extending the life of the product.

5, using a special material that can block ultraviolet rays,
humanized protection of the operator from UV damage.

The outer casing plastic components use the new imported ABS

6, the machine should be cleaned regularly, please use neutral
detergent, it is strictly prohibited to use acid, alkali and other corrosive or
toxic cleaning agents for cleaning.

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