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Overview and Specifications:

Product Description
Type: Face-lifting bandage Size: 25cm
Model Number: XYY1806131 False Eyelash Craft: Machine Made
Material: Other

Name: Face-lifting bandage

Weight: 35g

Color as shown

Applicable: Children over 10 years old and adults

1: Through the principle of pressure therapy and fat movement, the product enhances facial contour by applying uniform and constant pressure, effectively controlling the volume expansion of soft tissues such as intradermal fat cells and muscles.

2: It can accelerate facial blood circulation, play the role of burning fat, make uneven facial fat, muscle and other soft tissues, improve it, tighten and enhance facial contour, control intradermal fat cell volume, and shape facial shape. Correction

3: Using far-infrared powder to fuse super-elastic fiber, the heat stimulates the fat deeply, can quickly burn fat and promote facial muscle circulation, the effect will not disappear due to washing, and use stereo cutting, from the forehead to the chin completely docile

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