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Overview and Specifications:

  • [Slow into sleep]: 5 sound settings (white noise, rain, lullaby, ocean, nature, Brook) Create an environment that promotes sleep, relaxation, soothing and concentration. A Light rear panel provides soft, ambient light.
  • The equipment at the bottom of the night light has a unique soft light that provides a quiet environment. It is perfect for children’s rooms with a night light. The combination of quiet and small sounds promotes sleep and is in the atmosphere.
  • [Micro SD card support]: Micro SD card slot allows you to enjoy your own music and personalize your experience. Does not include a micro SD card.
  • [3 Auto Off Timer]: Set, the sleep timer will automatically shut down the device after 30, 60 or 90 minutes. An energy-friendly way to turn off and gradually fall asleep.
  • [8 hours long play]: Up to 8 hours of game time after each full charge.
  • [suitable for travel] suitcase: compact design can be easily put into any or backpack. Don’t miss the night sleep experience, even on the go.

Peak power, 1W

Power mode: micro USB 5V1A built-in 18650 200mha

White noise effect: 5 kinds

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