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Overview and Specifications:

1. The main body of the luminaire is a composite soft rubber material, which has the characteristics of 10,000 times compression and stretching without breaking or deforming. It has strong anti-corrosion and anti-aging effects, it works as usual under low temperature of 40 degrees.
2. Combined with solar energy and 5V DC Micro USB charging mode and touch three-speed switch design, it is a new type of lamp that is environmentally friendly, intelligent, energy-saving, stylish and portable.
3. The lamp is used in various ways. The upper design has a handle to suspend the illumination, and the lower side has a gradient fixing hole. The suction cup with the inserted gradient hole can be attached to the glass for illumination, and can also be adjusted by the stretching angle of the folded surface. Lighting angle, the mobile lighting fixture is widely used
Lamp specifications: in the folded state: Dimensions: length, width and height = 140*125*25MM
In the stretched state: Dimensions: length, width and height = 140*125*100MM
Lamp unit weight: 95 grams
Packing information: net weight of the product: 105 grams (including USB cable and suction cup)
Single package weight: 185 grams
Single package size: 250*180*25MM
Outer box size: 61*39*19CM
Packing quantity: 50PCS
Net weight: 6KG

Gross weight: 10KG

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